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Ksenia Chmutina

GRRIPP Thematic Lead on Resilience


Dr Ksenia Chmutina is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainable and Resilient Urbanism at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University. Her research explores the processes of disaster risk creation and enhances the understanding of systemic implications of sustainability and resilience under the pressures of urbanisation and climate change. Her other research interests include narratives and framings of disasters, disaster risk management of cultural heritage, and the use of games in disaster risk reduction research.

Ksenia uses her work to draw attention to the fact that disasters are not natural. She has conducted research in the UK, India, Indonesia, Japan, Nepal, China, the Caribbean, and across Europe. Ksenia is a co-author of a textbook Disaster Risk Reduction for the Built Environment (Wiley, 2017) and a co-host of a podcast ‘Disasters: Deconstructed’.

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