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Disasters: Deconstructed features two GRRIPPers!

Recently, Disasters: Deconstructed podcast hosted by Ksenia Chmutina and Jason von Meding, invited two of our GRRIPP partners to join their conversation about human society from diverse disciplinary and ideological perspectives to understand the root causes of disasters. In the second half of Season 4, the podcast focused on research and researchers from the Global South, featuring the guests from Latin America and the Caribbean, South-East Asia as well as Southern Africa.

Belen Desmaison featured in S4 Ep11 The Amazon and Urban Development. In this episode, Belen and the hosts talked about feminist urbanism, environmental and spatial justice and development in the Amazon.

Cheryl Potgieter joined the hosts for the penultimate episode of Season 4 to talk about gender and sexuality and to discuss the importance of politically active scholarship and why we need to center the voices of Black women.

We hope you enjoy these and other conversations as much as we do!


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